1. Numerous changes to the Accessories page. In addition to more information generally and revision of the layout, there is an example of a Minicam Synchron Junior flashgun and pages from catalogues including a downloadable PDF brochure featuring the Yashica Mat-124, Yashica-Mat, Yashica 635, Yashica D and accessories.
  2. Additional examples of Yashicaflex A-I and A-II models with Y.S.K. shutters (affects 66 Models and Yashicaflex A series pages).
  3. Whilst previously being non-committal, I have decided to refer to commonly called Yashicaflex A and AS models as models A-I and AS-II to reflect Yashima practice in user manuals whilst reserving Yashicaflex A and AS to generically mean grouping of A-I and A-II and AS-I and AS-II models. Confused? You can thank Yashima for that (affects Model Names, Yashicaflex A Series and 66 Models pages).
  4. Late model Yashicaflex AS-II found with 10 flag DIN film reminder on film winding knob and no film counter reset button. Puts it well into Yashica C and LM production, probably 1957 (affects 66 Models page).
  5. The first three Yashica Flex S examples in my database have Tri-Lausar lens sets confirming this as the release specification (affects 66 Models page).
  6. Additional MolfoReflex information added including example and original ad.
  7. Recognition of a Yashica A sub-series, possibly Sugiyama's Yashica A-III and most likely a Japanese domestic market variant. All have grey leatherette, no hood logo and metre focusing scales (affects 66 Models).
  8. Decided that there was no purpose for the “B” in Yashica Flex B and that it must be collector invention. Then changed everything back when a 1955 Swedish ad included the “Yashicaflex B” (late example, after release of the Yashicaflex A, affects Model Names and 66 Models pages). Note, may still have been released as simply “Yashica Flex”.
  9. Although the evidence is that they were released as the “Yashica Flex” or “Yashica Flex B” and “Yashica Flex S”, as a consequence of the release of the Yashicaflex A series, they also changed their names to the single word form (see 8 above). I have decided to continue with the two word form for the Yashica Flex B because the change occurred very late in its model run but the change for the Yashicaflex S probably occurred only a few months after its release (when the Yashicaflex A series was released) and I have now decided to generally refer to it with the single word form “Yashicaflex S”. When talking about its release or specifically the versions with NKS shutters, I may still use the two word form. THIS REPRESENTS A MAJOR U-TURN ON WHAT I HAVE BEEN PREACHING! This affects lots of things but particularly Model Names and 66 Models.
  10. 29 January 2012: Introduction of “Updates Log”.
  11. 1 February 2012: Revised Yashicaflex names and 44 series dates in “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table” (affects Models & Specs page). Revised coloured lens cap details for affected models and also coloured cases for 44 series cameras. Added Japanese ad under Yashicaflex B in 66 models suggesting that it is domestic version of Yashica D. Related to this, revised speculation regarding “Yashicaflex 635” name (affects 66 Models page).
  12. 29 February 2012: Added reference to second Yashicaflex AS-II with 10 flag DIN film speed reminder. Added Swedish “Yashicaflex AS” and “Yashicamat” ads in 66 Models.
  13. 3 March 2012: Added some “Discontinued” dates in “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table” plus added Yashica-Mat with Copal MX Shutter in table and in 66 Models. Added Swedish ad for Yashica-Mat with Copal MX shutter. Added Swedish ads in 44 Series for Yashica-44 (June 1959) and Yashica 44A and 44LM (July 1959). Minor adjustment to Yashicaflex A-II serial number order.
  14. 10 March 2012: Added Dutch ad for Yashica-44, 44A and 44LM models and revised “Yashica 44 Production Timetable”.
  15. 14 March 2012: Revised and clarified Yashica 44 Series page. Updated 44 Models page, mainly initial description and the last five cameras in the Yashica-44 section. Updated Yashica E serial numbers and comments on the 66 Models page. Updated Yashica-44 and Yashica E on the Serial Numbers page.
  16. 21 March 2012: Added image to Accessories page from Yashica C manual of lady with electronic flashgun. Added another Yashica A-III example. Minor tidying up.
  17. 6 April 2012: Added Yashicaflex AS-I details to Yashicaflex A Series and to 66 Models pages. Added details and photos of Minicam Synchron Junior TLR kit to Accessories page.
  18. 14 April 2012: Removed Yashicaflex AS-II (early) from “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table”. Removed Y.S.K. shutter from table under Yashicaflex AS-II entry on 66 Models Page (indications of Y.S.K. shutter in user manual are more likely to be due to re-use of photos from Yashicaflex A manual).
  19. 18 April 2012: Added linked contents to Models & Specs, Bodies & Lenses, 66 Models and Accessories pages. Added “Early Export Markets” to Yashica page. Added brief details of Yashica-Lite BC-I flashgun to Accessories page.
  20. 20 April 2012: Added linked contents to Yashica page. Added “Back to Top” navigation to all pages. Changed document type of Göran's page and fixed attachment links.
  21. 21 April 2012: Added photos and further details of Yashica-Lite BC-I flashgun to Accessories page. Added downloadable PDF Minicam brochure/instructions to Accessories page.
  22. 22 April 2012: Revised site introduction and Sugiyama page. Cited reference supporting Yashica LM with Heliotar lenses on 66 Models page.
  23. 27 April 2012: Added release dates to 66 Models & 44 Models pages. Updated Yashica A, C & LM entries, added photos and updated Yashicaflex A2 entry on 66 Models page. Added linked contents to 44 Models page.
  24. 28 April 2012: Amended early Yashica-Mat information on 66 Models page. Added date information to Swedish ads on Yashica page.
  25. 1 May 2012: Added photos and related text to Yashicaflex S, Yashica LM, Yashica-Mat, Yashica Mat-LM and Yashica Mat-EM in 66 Models page. Updated one Yashica 635 photo.
  26. 2 May 2012: Swapped Pigeonflex related text from Model Names page to Yashica page. Added section on “Red Windows” to Bodies & Lenses Page. Added accessory shoe information to “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table” plus minor change in order of cameras. Added images of Yashica Mat-LM and EM meter read-outs and battery information for Yashica 24 to Yashica Mat-124G models to 66 Models Page.
  27. 4 May 2012: Many minor tidying up changes to many pages including adding and revising links and headings. Minor update to MolfoReflex and opening paragraphs of Site page.
  28. 5 May 2012: Revised “Yashicaflex A Series” and added linked contents. Minor addition to “Family Tree” section on Models & Specs page. Added small images of user manual covers to 66 Models and 44 Models pages. Added section on boxes to Lens Caps and Cases page.
  29. 9 May 2012: Added examples of rear views of focusing hoods to Bodies & Lenses page. Added Yashica LM user manual pages to Ownership page plus other minor additions.
  30. 16 May 2012: Added Yashica Flex S leaflet to 66 Models page and links to Yashicaflex A user manual PDF to 66 Models and Ownership pages. Consolidated shutter and sync information to Bodies and Lenses page. Revamped release and discontinued dates and order of some models based on Yashica/Kyocera supplied information in the book “Collector's Pictoral Encyclopaedia & Value Guide to 6x6 TLR Cameras” and added production numbers. Affects “The Challenge” commentary on Site page and table and notes on Models & Specs page as well as the order of some models on the 66 Models page.
  31. 24 May 2012: Revised “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table” to more logically order columns and deal with shutter changes.
  32. 27 May 2012: Added back detail to Yashica 24 entry on 66 Models page.
  33. 30 May 2012: Added additional ever-ready cases to Lens Caps & Cases page. Added information to Pigeonflex entry on 66 Models page and updated serial numbers for mainly Pigeonflex and Yashica 635 models but also other models up to and including Yashicaflex C.
  34. 3 June 2012: Reordered paragraphs and images in Yashicaflex S, AS-I, AS-II and A2 entries on 66 Models page with some minor word changes and additions - tidying up really. Modified Yashicaflex A2 entry in “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table”.
  35. 13 June 2012: Added some shutter information to Bodies & Lenses page. Added Yashica A lens cap to Lens Caps & Cases page. Minor tidying up with serial numbers and Yashicaflex A-I and A-II entries.
  36. 15 June 2012: Added Yashica Flex B locking knob detail to relevant sections in Bodies & Lenses page and 66 Models page. Changed order of Yashica Flex B serial numbers, also affecting Serial Numbers page.
  37. 21 June 2012: Modified detail for early Yashica Flex S and Yashicaflex A-I tripod mounts. Added 1959 US brochure extract to Yashica 44 Series page. Added accessories and exposure meter detail from US brochure to Accessories page.
  38. 22 June 2012: Added photos and detail of YEM-35 exposure meter to Accessories page.
  39. 8 July 2012: Added detail to ever-ready cases and boxes on Lens Caps & Cases page.
  40. 18 July 2012: Added further locking knob detail to relevant sections in Bodies & Lenses page and 66 Models page. Added additional lens caps and ever-ready cases to Lens Caps & Cases page.
  41. 26 July 2012: Updated serial numbers from database resulting in many small changes to Serial Numbers, 66 Models and 44 Models pages.
  42. 29 July 2012: Added “Valuation & Selling” guide to Ownership page.
  43. 2 Aug 2012: Added “Internal Light Baffles” to Bodies & Lenses page and to Yashicaflex B entry on 66 Models page. Added brochures and/or photos to Yashica-Mat and some later cameras. Updated Yashica 44LM entry on 44 Models page.
  44. 7 Aug 2012: Added warning about not using crank wind with empty spool in take-up chamber to Bodies & Lenses, 66 Models and Ownership pages. Added new information on using 120 film in Yashica 24 cameras in 66 Models and added some brochures to 66 Models and Photax accessory and price list to Accessories page.
  45. 16 Aug 2012: Added Rose Yashica 44A image to Site page. Changed Updates Log to linked page.
  46. 17 Aug 2012: Added “Fresnel Lens Focusing Screens” to Bodies & Lenses page.
  47. 22 Aug 2012: Added Yashica Hi-Mec model to 66 Models page, to Focusing Hoods & Logos on Bodies & Lenses Page and to Serial Numbers page. Numerous other small tidying up changes including minor reordering of Yashicaflex A2 and Yashicaflex unknown model on both 66 Models and Serial Numbers pages.
  48. 30 Aug 2012: Amended “Feature & Trim Change table” on Bodies & Lenses page to realign model order with other sections and add dates for introduction of serial numbers with prefixes and dual scale focus knobs. Some date revision. Substantially revised “From Pigeonflex to Yashicaflex to Yashica” on Model Names page to reflect impact of Yashica Hi-Mec on both naming and export considerations. Some entries on 66 Models page slightly amended as a result.
  49. 1 Sep 2012: Amended Hi-Mec models found from 3 to 2 - eBay example was same camera.
  50. 7 Sep 2012: Amended 44 Models page to include information on red windows and added Yashica 44LM examples without red windows. Minor formatting changes, including additional headings to page. Minor change to Serial Numbers page to reflect some earlier Yashica 44LM editing.
  51. 10 Sep 2012: Added assembling charts to Bodies & Lenses page.
  52. 13 Sep 2012: Updated Yashica 44LM control wheels, lens caps and cases. Rearranged Yashica-Mat entry.
  53. 11 Oct 2012: Added section on Film Start Marks to Bodies & Lenses page and amended Yashica Flex B entry in 66 Models to reflect it having cast film start marks (not used).
  54. 27 Oct 2012: Changed “Yashicaflex B with Citizen MXV shutter” to “Yashicaflex AS” on the basis of new evidence from Japanese auction site Yahoo. Affects many pages but principally Site, Serial numbers, Sugiyama and 66 Models pages and Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table and Feature & Trim Change Timeline.
  55. 9 Nov 2012: Updated MolfoReflex entries in 66 Models and Lens Caps & Cases pages.
  56. 24 Nov 2012: Updated Yashima Flex and Yashica Flex B entries in 66 Models page, “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table” in Models & Specs page, “Yashimaflex or Yashima Flex” in Model Names page and “Sweden” in Yashica page.
  57. 2 Dec 2012: Revised Yashica-Mat entry on 66 Models page to update information from early Swedish ads.
  58. 8 Dec 2012: Added “Self-timers” section to Accessories page.
  59. 11 Dec 2012: Added PDFs of Yashicaflex AS and A & C user manuals linked from 66 Models page. Added review of the Yashicaflex S by Popular Photography to 66 Models page and together with a PDF of 1959 US full range brochure, to Yashica page.
  60. 16 Dec 2012: Updated references to start marks and added photos of the 44 models and backs to the top of the 44 Models page.
  61. 19 Dec 2012: Updated “Self-timers” section on Accessories page and added extra images to Lens Caps & Cases page.
  62. 30 Dec 2012: Added “120 & 127 Film” to Ownership page.
  63. 2 Jan 2013: Revised and updated “Self-timers” section on Accessories page.
  64. 12 Jan 2013: Minor updates to Yashica-Mat baffles feature and addition of missing “Instructions for Models S & AS see separate page attached” (unreadable) to “Yashicaflex Directions for use Model A and C”.
  65. 16 Jan 2013: Updated relevant sections to reflect that Yashica D also found with internal light baffles.
  66. 23 Jan 2013: Added “Brazil Production” to Yashica page and Yashica Mat-124B to 66 Models Page and various tables.
  67. 24 Jan 2013: Added Yashica A III as a discrete model instead of as a subset of the Yashica A.
  68. 31 Jan 2013: Created Contributor Profiles page and profile of Tom Heckhaus. Created Brochures page to consolidate site links and added new scans of brochures. Updated “About Me” on Site page.
  69. 2 Feb 2013: Added profile of Göran Årelind.
  70. 8 Feb 2013: Realigned serial numbers on the website to my database (belated spring cleaning - needs to happen from time to time). Many small detail changes but nothing significant.
  71. 12 Feb 2013: Added “Choosing & Collecting” section to start of Ownership page. Updated Profiles page. Added detail to “Locking Knobs” on Bodies & Lenses page and to corresponding models on 66 Models page.
  72. 14 Feb 2013: Added trim details including 44A “teeth” to 44 Models page.
  73. 17 Feb 2013: Added “Film Path” to Bodies & Lenses and 44 Models page.
  74. 28 Feb 2013: Minor revision to layout for “Film Winding Knobs” and detail in “Lenses” on Bodies & Lenses page.
  75. 3 Mar 2013: Added new page “Prototypes & Specials” covering Yashica Future 127, Beacon and stereo camera.
  76. 4 Mar 2013: Replaced Yashicaflex S and AS instructions attachment with clearer version and added it to “Yashicaflex Directions for Use Model A & C” downloads. Added Yashica-Mat with 75 mm Lumaxars to 66 Models page, early Yashica-Mat case and distribution box to Lens Caps & Cases page.
  77. 7 Mar 2013: Added grey Yashica B, reversed order between Yashica B (now later) and Yashica 635. Affects Models & Specs, Bodies & Lenses and 66 Models pages as well as two tables.
  78. 12 Mar 2013: Added new photos and detail of Yashica 44LM without red window to 44 Models page, added Yashima Flex photo with lens cap to Lens Caps & Cases page and added new “Special Nameplate Marks” to Model Names page.
  79. 19 Mar 2013: Updated “Special Nameplate Marks”, updated Yashica 44LM entry for type with wide “Y” hood logo, added examples of black Yashica-44 and Yashica 635 with blue background narrow “Y” hood logo. Added new photographs of MolfoReflexes. Added section “The Game Changers” to Models & Specs page.
  80. 21 Mar 2013: Added “Yashicaflex 6x4.5” to Prototypes & Specials page and updated stereo camera entry. Created new The Pigeon Flock page to include Shinano made examples.
  81. 22 Mar 2013: Added “Bay 1 44 Series Example” to Lens Hoods on Accessories Page. Changed title of The Pigeon Flock page to The Pigeon Loft.
  82. 24 Mar 2013: Revised Shinano made examples on Pigeon Loft page. Revised colour information and some images on 44 Models page plus added new images.
  83. 27 Mar 2013: Added Sandu Baciu to list of contributors and added some of his images to a number of sections in Lens Caps & Cases, 66 Models and Model Names pages. Minor update of Rookie and Yashica-Mat serial numbers.
  84. 4 Apr 2013: Added Sandu Baciu to Contributor Profiles page. Revised “Yashicaflex, unknown model” entry on 66 Models page to “Yashicaflex A-III”. Updated 66 Models and Bodies & Lenses pages to include unique early Yashima Flex hood assembly. Added details of Yashicaflex B box with “Yashica model B” on the side.
  85. 9 Apr 2013: Added Yashima Flex with short bars on rear of hood and second type of Pigeonflex hood to Bodies & Lenses page and 66 Models page. Added Rookie Box with “Yashicaflex” on side. Added Yashica-Mat photo with black radial control wheels.
  86. 10 Apr 2013: Revised “Design Heritage” on Yashica page to include photographic examples.
  87. 12 Apr 2013: Split 66 Models page into two to speed loading of images.
  88. 15 Apr 2013: Minor corrections involving Rolleiflex/Rolleicord frame counting methods on Bodies & Lenses page. Added additional Pigeonflex example and Pigeonflex IA comparison with Yashima Flex to The Pigeon Loft page. Updated early lens caps. Added June 1956 Popular Photography reference to “Yashica-flex Automatic” camera to Yashica-Mat entry in 66 Models.
  89. 16 Apr 2013: Revised “Design Heritage” on Yashica page. Added “Outsourcing?” to The Pigeon Loft page.
  90. 19 Apr 2013: Added details of 6 x 4.5 mask to Yashica Rookie entry.
  91. 21 Apr 2013: Added “Shutter Speed Testing Accuracy” to Ownership page with an article by Göran Årelind explaining how to build a custom rig. Re-linked some material relating to the MolfoReflex.
  92. 25 Apr 2013: Added earliest example of a Yashica Flex S to 66 Models page. Added a new photo based section, “Somebody's Collection”, to Yashica-44 entry on 44 Models page to further illustrate colours.
  93. 29 Apr 2013: Added “The Japanese Photographic Industry 1953” to the Yashica page.
  94. 7 May 2013: Added another early Yashica Flex S example to 66 Models and a Yashica Auto box with outside distribution box to the Lens Caps & Cases page.
  95. 24 May 2013: Added “Golden Brown” Yashica D to Coloured 66 Cameras on Bodies & Lenses and 66 Models pages. Minor amendments to colours on 44 Models page.
  96. 28 May 2013: Added “Burgundy” Yashica D to 66 Models page including photo of light baffles. Added “Case Marks” to Model Names page.
  97. 4 Jun 2013: Photos added/replaced of Yashica Flex S with maker name on flap and update of the section and also minor updates of Yashica Flex B and Yashicaflex A3 entries of the 66 Models pages.
  98. 7 Jun 2013: Added “Adapting 120 Film for the Yashica 44A” to the Ownership page.
  99. 9 Jun 2013: Added Contributor Profile for Leigh Harris.
  100. 13 Jun 2013: Added Shinano Pigeonflex detail to “Yashica TLR Models & Specifications Table” and changed order of 44 releases in the table. Added additional detail to Yashica Auto 44 entry on 44 Models page. Added Laurelflex to Pigeon Loft page.
  101. 14 Jun 2013: Added black Yashica D with gold hood logo to 66 Models page and modified relevant colour detail in other locations.
  102. 18 Jun 2013: Renamed “Yashicaflex A3” to “Yashicaflex A (new model)”, added “(new model)” to Yashicaflex AS (new model) and Yashicaflex B (new model) to avoid any confusion between these 3 and earlier models.
  103. 22 Jun 2013: Added pages from a Japanese brochure which advertised “Yashicaflex A (new model)” as “Yashica A” and “Yashicaflex B (new model)” as “Yashica B”. Changes also made to Yashica-Mat and Yashica 635 entries on 66 Models page and “From Pigeonflex to Yashicaflex to Yashica” on the Model Names page revised.
  104. 24 Jun 2013: Added new section “Text Between Lenses” to Bodies and Lenses page. Also up-sized images of focusing hood logos.
  105. 26 Jun 2013: Minor updates affecting Yashima Flex, Yashica Flex B and Yashica Flex S. Yashicaflex A (new model) moved from before Yashicaflex AS (new model) to after Yashicaflex B (new model).
  106. 29 Jun 2013: Newly found early type single word style “Yashimaflex” nameplate added to 66 Models and Model Names pages. Serial Numbers page revised to separate models with multiple shutter types.
  107. 5 Jul 2013: Added new section “A Note About Yashica Bay 1 Lens Mounts” to Accessories page and updated “Minicam Flashguns”.
  108. 7 Jul 2013: Added 1956 Japanese Yashica booklet.
  109. 19 Aug 2013: Revised “Self-Timers” on Accessories page.
  110. 22 Aug 2013: Revised flash sync information on Bodies and Lenses and 66 Models pages for Pigeonflex to Yashica Flex S models.
  111. 1 Sep 2013: Adopted “Yashica 44” in Japanese language documentation over user manual in English usage of “Yashica-44”.
  112. 8 Sep 2013: Consolidated evidence supporting simultaneous release of Yashica Flex Models B & S. Affects relevant entries in 66 Models, Bodies & Lenses and Site pages.
  113. 10 Sep 2013: Added “Accessory Shoes” and images of ASA and PC flash sync sockets to Bodies & Lenses page, modified some 66 Models entries accordingly.
  114. 11 Sep 2013: Added translation of 1956 Japanese Brochure to Yashica page.
  115. 7 Oct 2013: Amended leatherette colour information for Burgundy (brown) cameras plus added Burgundy lens caps. Affects Bodies & Lenses, 66 Models pages 1 and 2, 44 Models and Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes pages.
  116. 10 Oct 2013: Added new section on “Hood Assemblies - Focusing Magnifiers” to Bodies & Lenses page. Updated "Self-timers" and Minicam Flashguns" on Accessories page.
  117. 28 Oct 2013: Although there is evidence of use of both forms in advertising material, reverted from “Yashicaflex A-2” to “Yashicaflex A2” and “Yashica A-2” to “Yashica A2”.
  118. 29 Oct 2013: Added results of new lens reflection tests in new section “Are all Yashinon Lenses 4 Element Tessar Types?” on Bodies & Lenses page.
  119. 4 Nov 2013: Updated Pigeonflex information including new sections on “Endō Kamera-ten/ Sashin Yōhin” and “Shinano Kōki” on The Pigeon Loft page.
  120. 20 Nov 2013: Added photos of lens reflections to “Are all Yashinon Lenses 4 Element Tessar Types?” on Bodies & Lenses page.
  121. 30 Nov 2013: Revised “Lenses” and added new photos in “Are all Yashinon Lenses 4 Element Tessar Types?” on Bodies & Lenses page.
  122. 1 Dec 2013: Added Yashima Flex box and some late examples of others to Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes page.
  123. 3 Dec 2013: Added 1957 Japanese brochure to Brochures page and excerpts to the Yashica-Mat entry on 66 Models page and to “Lumaxar and Yashinon Viewing Lenses” on Bodies & Lenses page.
  124. 13 Dec 2013: Added “Filter Mounts” on Bodies & Lenses page and minor changes to Yashica B on 66 Models page. Changed “plain” filter mounts to actual diameter in tables on 44 Models and 66 Models pages.
  125. 9 Jan 2014: Date codes deciphered on Serial Numbers page and page re-written.
  126. 12 Jan 2014: Further updating of serial numbers plus Yashica 44 Series page revised as a consequence.
  127. 23 Jan 2014: Updating of 66 Models serial numbers completed. Revised Yashica Flex S entry and added further exposure meter details.
  128. 25 Jan 2014: Updating of 44 Models serial numbers completed. Added new “Design Cues” section to Yashica 44 Series page.
  129. 5 Feb 2014: Updated background to Yashica E on 66 Models Page.
  130. 6 Feb 2014: Added Göran Årelind's early Yashica-Mat with MX shutter to 66 Models page.
  131. 10 Feb 2014: Finished updating site as a result of revisions to Serial Numbers page.
  132. 12 Feb 2014: User manual pre-production example of Yashica-Mat with “Yashicamat” name added to 66 Models page.
  133. 14 Feb 2014: Yashica E and 124 brochures added.
  134. 16 Feb 2014: Rearranged order of some sidebar menu items. Split “Bodies & Lenses” page into “Bodies & Trim” and “Lenses & Shutters”. Split two “66 Models” pages into four to speed loading of images. Bought forward Yashica E release date from September 1964 to February 1964, or earlier.
  135. 27 Feb 2014: Added new section “Identifying Models & Variations by Nameplate” to Models & Specs page.
  136. 3 Mar 2014: “Accessories” page split into“ Accessories, Yashica TLR” and “Accessories, Other” pages to improve load times.
  137. 4 Mar 2014: Re-arranged order of contents on Accessories, Yashica TLR and Accessories, Other pages.
  138. 12 Mar 2014: Added “Source Production Data Table” to Models & Specs page.
  139. 14 Mar 2014: Added “1957 Review of the Japanese Photographic Industry” to Yashica page. Added photos of Yashica flash to Accessories Other page.
  140. 25 Mar 2014: Yashica Flex S updated.
  141. 12 Apr 2014: Added end dates and months to release dates on 66 Models and 44 Models pages.
  142. 25 Apr 2014: Updated “Yashica 66 TLR Family Tree” on Models & Specs page.
  143. 29 May 2014: Refined discussion of “Yashicaflex” to “Yashica” name change. Affects several locations.
  144. 1 Jun 2014: Fixed a bunch of broken links.
  145. 7 Jun 2014: Added to “Hood Assemblies - General” on Bodies and Trim page and revised related Pigeonflex entry on 66 Models Page.
  146. 9 Jun 2014: Updated baffles details as they pertain to the Yashica D.
  147. 19 Jun 2014: Added “Do These Patterns and Date Codes Exist for Other Format Yashica Models?” to Serial Numbers page.
  148. 20 Jun 2014: Added a table of early 1950s Japanese TLR prices to “Recipe for Success” on Yashica's Success page.
  149. 2 Jul 2014: Added “Camera Kit” to Ownership page.
  150. 13 Aug 2014: Added Yashicaflex Model S Instruction Book and links to site. Added details of Yashicaflex Model S later style box to “Boxes” on Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes page and in several other places.
  151. 5 Sep 2014: Updated some Pigeonflex and Yashicaflex S meter and nameplate photos. Added new Pigeonflex ever ready case photos and links to Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes page. Added more guarantee/warranty card details to “Camera Kit - What Was in the Box?” on the Ownership page. Added “Rollei Panorama Head” to Accessories, Other page. Added photos of Baby Rollei to the Yashica 44 Series Page.
  152. 30 Sep 2014: Added Swedish 44LM/44A brochure PDF to Brochures and 44 Models pages.
  153. 8 Oct 2014: Updated “Boxes” on Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes page.
  154. 23 Oct 2014: Minor updates to Bodies & Trim, Pigeon Loft and Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes pages.
  155. 1 Nov 2014: Added Pigeonflex Yashima Seiki example to 66 Models and Pigeon Loft pages with some minor updates. Minor update to Pigeonflex ever-ready cases on Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes page and revised “Locking Knobs” on Bodies & Trim page with images of early knobs and open arrows.
  156. 19 Nov 2014: Revised layout of the Pigeonflex entry on 66 Models page.
  157. 30 Nov 2014: Revised Pigeon Loft page to suggest Pigeonflex models I, IB and IC were perhaps the product of Alfa Optical Co. instead of Shinano. Some structural changes as a result and minor changes to other pages with references to Pigeonflex models.
  158. 8 Dec 2014: Added detail to Yashica 635 entry on 66 Models page.
  159. 13 Jan 2015: Added new page The Problem of Dates & Names & Other Challenges with content transferred from the home page, Yashica TLR.
  160. 14 Jan 2015: Added new section “Pressure Plates” to Bodies & Trim page.
  161. 20 Jan 2015: Revised Yashicaflex A Series page.
  162. 24 Jan 2015: Amended “The Yashica Spares System Theory - the Impact on Serial Numbers” on the Serial Numbers page. Added Rose 44LM to 44 Models page.
  163. 30 Jan 2015: Added more information on 32 mm push-on lens hoods to “Lens Hoods” on the Accessories, Yashica TLR page.
  164. 13 Feb 2015: Revised “Outsourcing of Components” and “A Different History” on the Pigeon Loft page and “Pressure Plates” on the Bodies & Trim page.
  165. 11 Mar 2015: Revised release of Yashica A, C & LM from October 1956 to September 1956.
  166. 8 Apr 2015: Added Contributor Profile for Chris Whelan, updated “About Me” on the home page and added a guarantee certificate for the Rookie and details of a Yashica branded cigarette lighter.
  167. 16 Apr 2015: Added exposure window detail to “Control Wheels (Dial Knobs) & Exposure Indicator Window” on Bodies & Trim page, updated lens cap images on Lens Caps, Cases & Boxes page and updated references to “SHINANOKōKI” Pigeonar 7.5 cm lenses and other detail on The Pigeon Loft page.
  168. 28 Apr 2015: Added new section “Japanese Language Manuals & Guides” to Ownership - a Brief Overview page. Updated “Lens Hoods” and “Accessories Identified in User Manuals etc 1955-1956” on Accessories, Yashica TLR page.
  169. 30 Apr 2015: Added 12 PDF user manuals for various cameras, manual links are also consolidated in “User Manuals & Assembling Charts”. Rearranged order of sections on Ownership - a Brief Overview page.
  170. 4 Jun 2015: Updated “Lenses” on Lenses & Shutters page.
  171. 15 Jun 2015: Updated Yashica Mat-124 details to include change from rotating to sliding pressure plate types. Added Malcaflex to Pigeon Loft page and a new section “On the Other Hand...” at the end.
  172. 26 Jun 2015: Revised Pigeon 35 & Lacon Cameras in “Shinano Kōki” on Pigeon Loft page.
  173. 14 July 2015: Substantially revised Yashica's Success page and changed title to Yashica - Success & Failure.
  174. 17 July 2015: Fixed broken links from rearranging pages 16 Feb 2014.
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